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The rock of Gibraltar is shared between two primate species: people and monkeys. The monkeys populated the upper rock long before the latest human inhabitants, the British, arrived, and now, 300 years on, there are tensions between the two.
Attempts to expel the monkeys from the town with peashooters are in vain, as the animals rise to the challenges of the new game. This leads the government to resort to more drastic tactics.

Read about the making of the film on the Vimeo Blog: vimeo.com/blog/post/Staff-Pick-Premiere-a-land-dispute-of-monkeys-men

Made at the NFTS

Co-produced by Jacob Thomas
Production Manager - Edward Dilnott-Cooper

Sound Recordist - Barry Coxhead
Editor - Nina Rac
Composer - Fraya Thomsen
Sound Designer - Florentin Tudor
Colourist - Ioannis Sariktzis

Winner - Best Short Documentary, Hot Docs, 2015
Winner - HBO Audience Award for Best Documentary, Provincetown Film Festival
Nomination - Best Short Documentary, Sundance 2016